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Condor Books can be your writing coach and/or ghostwriter as you work on your:
  • memoirs
  • novels
  • short stories 
  • screenplays 
We also write press releases, author bios*, and other book cover content, once you're ready to publish your book. Contact us for a free quote. 

*Here are fun tips on how to write a creative bio.



In order to provide you with an actual rate for your project, Condor Books needs to assess the various components of your work. 


We charge per word. Our prices range from 25 ¢ USD cents  per word to $3 USD dollar per word, depending on the service and complexity of your project. 


  • Rush rate: an additional 25% is added to the standard rate for rush projects.


  • Most projects range from 1-6 months in duration, depending on the complexity, style, length and existing content of your manuscript. 

Once you request a free quote, we can send you a bid for the entire project. Per-project rates give you a clear sense of what you will end up paying, without any surprises. Everything is calculated up front before we begin. 


Our services are creative, reliable and fast.


Creativity is reflecting the individuality of every person on the planet in a universal way
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